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New paintings for 2014:
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The heartland of the American west is filled with old farms, gently grazing livestock, cowboys, rusted autos and farm equipment; remnants of a lifestyle the world has often passed by. Life in the heartland moves at a much slower pace. It's a land that touches the heart and warms the soul. It has meaning and purpose and makes you glad you're there.

My country-western heartland covers landscapes, seascapes and country-western scenes from the West and Southwest to the Pacific Northwest. I've put information about the paintings for your reading enjoyment. so enjoy the journey! Prices shown are for original works of art, but you may find prints of many of these images on Fine Art America. You won't be disappointed.

If you can't find something here, take a look at my Other Art page where you'll find Vintage Aircraft, Koi, Exotic Flowers and more!

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Much of the artwork you will see is available as very reasonably priced prints from Fine Art America. Here is the link:

If you have a special image in mind, please contact me and we'll talk!

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How to order artwork:

I use the secure PayPal system for payment. Prices for both originals and prints are shown on art pages. I've provided a special link on certain pages where you may order very reasonably priced prints in a variety of sizes through Fine Art America.

Got a special image in mind? I can be commissioned for unique personalized artwork.